Thursday, July 16, 2009


i know i haven't blogged in some time. just haven't felt like it. it honestly is much easier to do when i am home most of the time. which hasn't been the case for the most part. i have played a bunch of local trnys and cash games. with mixed success. when i have played trnys i am reaching the final tables. granted they are only 2,3,4 tables. i was most excited to play the deep stack trny we had last saturday. i never caught a hand better than JJ which i folded on a flop of TTx after i was check raised early on. yes i was bluffed SHE had 99. w/e. i pretty much just stole chips thru squeeze plays & blind steals. would have been nice to make some sort of hand. so i went out in 10th place out of like 35 players i belive. only paid the top 4 i think.

i have played some cash games. i started to belive that my cold streak had come to and end but it isn't so. i am getting pretty dam upset about constantly making these good folds. example... i played wed night in WEBSTER i limp the SB. it is a 7 way pot. i have 6/8 flop is 884 i check raise the flop. get 1 caller. Ace on the turn. so i pot the turn. he calls. river brings a 2. i bet 1/2 pot. guy moves in for about $140. i get i sick feeling i am out kicked or that he hit a set on the river. which is insane. he must have a boat. of course. 22. i fold. disgusting and he shows me. he thought i was bluffing he says. ??? the folds i made were probly the best i have ever made for such a short span of time. and they were all good folds. they love to show hands at that game.

i feel as though my NL cash game is the best it has ever been. i am classifing players and reading hands as well as i ever have. i do need to be calling these river bluffs that have been made vs me though. i just don't get why they cal,call,call. then go for the big bluff. i would never do that. i just need to think those hands thru more and see that they can almost never have the hand they are trying to represent.

life wise. work is fine. the lil girl is in MD for another few weeks. miss her alot. marriage wise things are problematic at best. i won't go into it.

i am looking forward to football season. 2 weeks away!!!! can't wait for summer to end. the new MADDEN game comes out in a few weeks also. i got the new NCAA10. ehhh. just about seems the same with a tweak here and there.

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